Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dream Interpretation: Squid, Pail and Water

I took a nap this afternoon after I got home from school. I was joined by my son who is so tired for playing the whole day.

I had a dream, I think a sequel to my dream about being in the house of my "beau". I did not write about it. In my dream this afternoon, I was in my "beau's" house. It was a two story old house that I am very much familiar with. My "beau" is in the kitchen and I am heading towards the bathroom. On my way there, I saw a pail almost filled with water with three or four squids undulating in it.

And that ends my dream.

According to, seeing squid in a dream signifies that I am threatened and my judgment is somewhat clouded. It could also mean greed and that I am being self-conscious of how others perceive me.

On the other hand, water symbolizes the subconscious and the emotional state of mind. It is the living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy. The pail being almost full signifies abundance, love and wealth. 

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