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Have you ever been in love?

The Hunger Games

I will see this movie this week. My friends who have watched this gave positive reviews so that made me more excited to see this movie. I believe that Katniss will be my next girl crush (as if she isn't yet).

Re-post: 10 signs you have found your soulmate

I just have to re-post and dedicate this to my very own soulmate.

*********************** The 10 Signs that You Have Found Your Soulmate
1. When you're together you feel like you've come home. 2. You feel like your partnership was meant to be, as if kissed by destiny. 3. In your communication with each other there is a rapid "knowing" of what each of you means. 4. You have a shared mission in life, perhaps a cause, a career, or the creation of a family life. 5. When you're together the world seems like a better place. 6. Your mood is elevated when you're together. It's not necessarily passion or excitement, although that's there too at times. 7. When you look at him/her you see a part of yourself that's been missing. Perhaps it's her assertiveness or his joy of adventure. But it's something that when added to your life, makes you feel more complete. 8. Being together makes you more hopeful about the future you are creating. 9. You can be more authent…

Favorite Photo of the Day: Love and Be Loved

Favorite Video of the Day: Piliin Mo ang Pilipinas by El Gamma Penumbra