Monday, June 17, 2013


I am not the most righteous person but I have beliefs and I try to live God's teachings in whatever decisions I make. What I am trying to say is that I am the kind of person who doesn't like the idea of revenge.

When my son was hit and ran by a motorcycle about two years ago,  I was devastated and we couldn't find the person who did that to him, even until now. Remembering my son's condition at the Emergency Room still brings tears to my eyes but what can I do. I guess what hurts the most is that I could not give justice to my son and the thought of it breaks my heart into pieces. Despite the hurt, I could not sense revenge in my pain. I believe that in time, his action will have a counter effect on him. I also believe that if the things that we do, our endeavors, are rooted out of revenge, we will not succeed. God knows what is in our hearts even before we were born.

Revenge must come from Him alone, in His own time.

"Don't try to get revenge for yourselves, my dear friends, but leave room for God's wrath. It is written, Revenge belongs to me; I will pay it back, says the Lord." (Romans 12:19 CEB)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Book: The Disney Way by Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson

I was so pissed and stressed earlier this day that I went to the bookstore to buy a book. I have been planning to have a grand vacation since time immemorial and in my to-see places list is Disneyland--the happiest place on earth--to experience the magic of being in the land of pure innocence. Having Disneyland in my mind made me buy this book--The Disney Way: Harnessing the Management Secrets of Disney in Your Company. I may not go to Disneyland any time soon but at least I get to take a look into the mind of the man who made a mouse famous--Walt Disney.


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